4 Pillars of Search Engine Optimization


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How does your article get read in the huge library of information called the internet?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t nearly as difficult as many companies would lead you to believe. Really, there are four important things to pay attention to when optimizing your site for search engine success. There are many details to each of these four pillars, which is why many people opt to hire for search engine optimization rather than do it themselves. Still, with a little time and research, the average person can do a massively above average job of optimizing their sites to please Google, Bing, and the rest.



If you’re a Brand Shouter client, it’s no secret that we’re all about speed. Speed is a newer measurement that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others are taking into consideration. Speed is more than just using one of Brand Shouter’s lightning fast servers, however. Speed is also determined by the loading time of elements on your site. For example, if your homepage takes 10 seconds to load and you have a large image on your site that accounts for 8 of those 10 seconds, search engines rank you down because your image isn’t sized properly. Furthermore, using that example, 10 seconds is poor performance – not only for SEO, but also for the experience of your potential customer.

There are many tools that allow you to optimize the speed of your site. At Brand Shouter, we use GTMetrix to measure the speed and see the “waterfall” of loading time when loading a site. We use tools that minimize the size of the images without affecting the quality of the images. We also use popular Content Delivery Networks to reduce image loading time and minimize Javascript and CSS.


Real Text and Information

Anyone can spout off a page of text that is meaningless and more often than not a waste of the reader’s time. Google, Bing and even the smaller search engines are getting good at spotting these uninformative sites and docking them majorly for their lack of real information. Alternatively, not only does good text matter, but lots of text matters. The reason we keep this resource blog is two-fold. First, we want to actually give useful information to our clients and potential clients. Without that, there really is no good reason to this information being posted. Secondly, however, we want Google/Bing/etc. to see that we’re putting this useful information up and we hope that they make it readily available to searchers. We want them to help us show more people what we are writing in hopes that we could acquire more clients.

Of course we’ve worked with clients that wanted little to no text on their sites. While we can do some smaller elements of SEO, it’s hard to be effective in these environments. Remember, people are searching for text more than anything. Even when searching for videos or images, they have to type actual words to find these specific things. Don’t worry about being wordy too. Most visitors want to actually learn what you have to tell them. It also builds trust in your knowledge if the words are real and informative.



This is the most vital part of moving up the rankings quickly. In the world of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are as important as text, and when paired with a good site full of great information create the perfect storm necessary to make large moves in search engine ranking. Not all links are created equal, however. A backlink from Wikipedia is worth far more than a backlink from bobscornermarket.freewebsitewebsite.net – unless of course, Bob’s Corner Market had found a way to rank their site up.

Think about backlinks this way: If Oprah Winfrey mentions your product on TV, you’d better be ready to accept a windfall of business – or implode from success. If Tammy from the morning show of some small town mentions your product, you may get some sales, but you probably won’t be taking bags of money to the bank. Major search engines look at backlinks in the same way. If you get a backlink from the NY Times, you’re going to enjoy a bigger boost than from the earlier example of Bob’s Corner Market.


Longevity is perhaps the easiest search engine optimization to accomplish, but by far the lengthiest to achieve. If you’ve been around a while, search engines know you’re serious. One quick boost you can get in this realm is to register your domain name for 5 or more years. Major search engines see that your intent is serious and give you a bit more of a boost for it.

In conclusion: Search engine optimization isn’t really that difficult to achieve. The difficulty is in spending the time to properly optimize everything. Let Brand Shouter spend that time for you. We’d love to ensure that your company is successful online.