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You Need GSuite for Business

Any well-functioning business needs a business SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to run on. For any small business person, there is really only one option that takes care of all your needs. That option is Google's GSuite.

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How To Write Emails That Convert

Email marketing is still one of the single best ways to reach out to existing clients and communicate with new potential clients. Email marketing, when done correctly, is informative and builds trust in your brand. It can also be a huge lead generation tool as well as a prime conversion funnel. In this article, I cover the anatomy of emails that are built to convert.

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The Designer CPA - an interview with Peter Lang

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Lang, owner of The Designer CPA. Peter started rising quickly through the ranks at the CPA firm he started with until, one day, he was written up for being "too helpful". This led him to realize that corporate life wasn't for him. Instead, he chose to pursue the path of being a CPA that focuses on creatives and interior designers. It was a pleasure to chat with him and I sincerely hope you are able to gain some key insights through the podcast episode and this transcription.

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Coping With Uncertainty In Business

Every business owner can be confident in one thing: we'll spend more time in deep uncertainty than we will ever experience the feeling of "job security." As I write this, I'm struggling with massive amounts of uncertainty myself - which […]

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The Best Tools For Small Business

In order to run efficiently and effectively, you need the best tools for small business. There are many tools available that can help a small business person be organized and streamline business processes. I, personally, have tried many different tools/solutions. I […]

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Create New Content Easily and Keep It Flowing

Chances are, if you have a business or you are a marketing professional that works in content creation and delivery, the time and ability to create new content easily is one of the struggles that you will have on an […]

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Setting Goals for Small Business

This article on setting goals for small business, while written at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 has a message that applies regardless of when you might stumble across it on the internet. Everybody sets goals... or at least, everyone […]

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2018 Review - Our Master Marketing Experiment

I'm writing this article to discuss Brand Shouter. I want to show you just how far we've come in the past year as well as discuss some of my failures as the owner of the business and the steps I […]

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