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interview with tj fittis camano island coffee

Interview with TJ Fittis of Camano Island Coffee Roasters

TJ’s Bio from LinkedIn: Most people have never REALLY tasted coffee before — that’s why I work at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. My mission is to share delicious, fresh-roasted coffee with those afflicted by burnt, stale coffee. It’s been a fun journey at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. I started with the company in 2011 and […]
marketing lessons from a video game

Lessons from the Mobile Game, Bricks & Balls

aka, how trying to disconnect from my day-to-day work failed and the lesson I learned from it… When it comes to my day-to-day job, I have this habit of staying connected to my work at every hour. I’ve even woken up in the night and responded to emails or checked on things to ensure they […]
Make Money With Podcasting

Make Money Podcasting

Anyone that knows me, knows one thing is for sure: I LOVE to talk. Seriously, if I could get paid to just talk and give my opinions on anything and everything, that would be how I would make my living. A guy can dream… “Hey Dan, why are you wasting my time with this nonsense?” […]
Value of Multiple Marketing Venues

Have you heard about the octopus with one arm? His name was Eel.

Just to set this straight… an Octopus with one arm is not an eel… It’s probably dead. Just like a business that focuses on one method of bringing in new business is probably dead or dying. Do you get the comparison now? I’m not just writing another blog post to tell you about why certain sea […]
Fighting Loneliness in Business

Fighting Loneliness as a Business Owner

This post is a tough one for me. I’m an introvert by nature and a geek. It wasn’t long ago that I would be much happier holed up in a room at home working on a project on my laptop rather than writing emails to share with all of you, hanging out with people, or meeting […]

Style Guide: 3 Fast Steps To An Outstanding Brand

A Style Guide is a crucial part of a well-functioning business with a growth strategy. If your business doesn’t have one – you’re making a very crucial mistake. A few years before starting Brand Shouter, I ran a coffee company with aspirations of growing to be quite large. We specialized in shipping coffee to the homes […]
5 Steps To an Effective Social Publishing Strategy

5 Steps to an Effective Social Publishing Strategy

Inbound Marketing: An Effective Social Publishing Strategy An important part of inbound marketing is publishing content on social media. That certainly sounds simple and straight forward enough. But there’s more to social publishing than just creating random posts and hoping for the best. Successful social media marketing happens when you publish useful, relevant, shareable content, […]
Why Start a Blog

The Importance of Inbound Marketing: Why Start a Blog?

So, Why Start a Blog? The key to growing your business or non-profit is having a solid inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing allows to you to not only drive sales, or increase donations, but also gain loyal customers. One of the most important components of your inbound marketing strategy is your blog. But you may […]
Why Inbound Marketing Works

Why Inbound Marketing Works

This post has been updated for 2018. If you run a business that depends on a strong web presence, it’s important to understand how to best leverage your brand. In 2018, this isn’t as easy as simply having a website and a few social media accounts. It’s going to take a bit more work than […]
4 Simple Steps to Increase Donations Through Inbound Marketing

4 Steps to Increase Donations with Inbound Marketing

These 4 steps will increase donations to your organization and grow your donor base. In a world where accessing information is done with the click of a mouse, traditional outbound marketing tools like print ads, broadcast media, direct mail, and telemarketing are not as effective as they once were. Businesses have known for years that the […]