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An Easy Way To Get 5 Star Reviews

We Found a Solution to 2 Big Problems:

1. Our clients want ways to get 5 star reviews online.
2. It’s really hard to keep your business information accurate and updated across the web.

Introducing Our New All-In-One Tool

Get 5 Star Reviews With Ease

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Get the reviews you deserve and handle the negative reviews on the side

With our new automated reputation management tool you can encourage your loyal, happy customers to leave you the online review you deserve. With just a first name and an email address or mobile number, you can use our system to followup with your client. Here’s the process:
1. Signup for our new tool
2. Enter the client’s first name and either a mobile number or email address.
3. The client will receive and email or text message with a customized message with 5 stars they can click to rate your business or nonprofit.
4. If they click 4 or 5 stars, the client is asked to leave a review with an online site such as Yelp, Facebook, or TripAdvisor.
5. If they click 3 or less stars, the client is asked to fill out a form and explain why they rated your business so low.

This is a WIN-WIN!

In a negative situation, the client gets to be heard (and we recommend you pay attention to them) and you keep negative reviews off the review sites. In a positive situation, you’ll probably get great online reviews.

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Update Your Information Across The Web

Get 5 star reviews - Local SEO and Reputation Management Tool

Have you ever searched for your business or nonprofit online? Do you find sites that have the wrong information (maybe they have an old business address or the information is incomplete)?

Did you know that search engines penalize your site when there are multiple trusted sites that give different information? It’s actually better from a search standpoint to not be listed on these sites than to have a bunch of incorrect information across the internet. Better yet, your business can experience a huge burst of relevant traffic just be cleaning these sites up.

This is a Really BIG Deal.

Our tool automates this process and fixes your listings across the web. It’ll update your logo, your address, your website, your primary contact information, your hours, and even your social media URL’s on the top 48 listing sites.

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