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Clear & Simple Stamps

sharing in the joy of making something beautifully handmade…
Creatively established in 2008, Clear and Simple Stamps (C&SS) is a family-owned company that celebrates finding joy in every day life through artistic expression. When their previous freelance web designer took a job at a larger organization, she sent Clear and Simple Stamps our way because of the reputation we had earned. We chatted with the owner, Nicki, to learn more about her needs. Initially, we were hired to manage her site and secure it from hack attempts since they had had a negative experience with that in the past.

We quickly secured the site and installed monitor software to make sure if anything starts, we can preemptively stop an attack. We optimized the site for speed and took over updates and tweaks as part of our management package. Soon after, they us to develop an email template for marketing newsletters and e-blasts. We built a custom template to match the site. Nicki was so happy with it that she approached us again - this time to rebuild the site and to create a new matching email template for the new site design.

We released the new site in 2016 and the team at Clear and Simple Stamps was overjoyed with how it looked and functioned. We then spent time on optimizing the site for searches and creating email collections on the site. As C&SS received positive feedback from their clients, they would send it our way.
We can't say enough great things about Brand Shouter and what an absolute blessing it has been to work with them. We connected at a critical time when we needed to transition our website to be more consistent with our brand and offer a unique customer experience. Brand Shouter delivered an amazing product, provided hands on consultation at every stage of the process, and consistently offered additional options that may enhance the outcome of the project. They are very detail oriented, meticulous and passionate about delivering an exceptional end product.
Clear and Simple Stamps Web Design Team
Nicki Jacson

Scrapbook Business Web Design

Clear and Simple Stamps Online Web Design
Clear & Simple Stamps approached us to develop a new website for them. The desire was clear: they wanted a fully functioning website that integrated with a remote shopping cart solution but could have its own shopping cart at a later date. They also wanted a more modern look while maintaining a clean, feel.

Starting on a clean WordPress installation, we built a brand new site for the C&SS team. We integrated modern scripts and image functionality while also building in a call-to-action platform that allows them to capture email addresses of potential clients as well as other desired information. Needless to say, the Clear & Simple Stamps team was really excited with the outcome!

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

For the team at Clear and Simple Stamps, color is an important facet of each and every day. They group products and ideas by color to help the visitor better visualize what they are wanting to create. By default, WordPress doesn't have a great way to create a visual categorization of products.

We create a plugin that piggy-backs on WordPress's category feature that allows the Clear & Simple Stamps team the ability to specify a color and have it visually show on the front end of the site. This allows her team to quickly create colors and assign them to products without having any special web coding knowledge.
Camano Island, WA - Custom Plugin Development

Email Template Design

Email Template Design
After designing a new site for the Clear and Simple Stamps team, we built a matching email template using MailChimp as the marketing platform.

G Suite Unlimited Partner

Clear & Simple Stamps took advantage of our G Suite reseller services through Google and set up accounts to handle all email needs. As part of the package, they received full Google Drive access as well as access to the other Google services including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Vaults, and more!
Stanwood, WA - Google G Suite Unlimited Reseller

Search Engine Optimization

Clear and Simple Stamps Online - Search Engine Optimizations
As an online retailer of craft products and supplies, the competition is pretty tough for online visibility. Clear and Simple Stamps asked the team at Brand Shouter to help them overcome this obstacle. While building the new site, we spent extra time to ensure the pages and content were optimized to best bring in potential clients. We optimized images and image titles, followed Google's Page Speed guidelines and paid extra attention to the mobile optimization of the site.