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Dr. Clean Home Care

Tucson Foothills Cleaning Company
Dr. Clean Home Care - Tucson, AZ
Back in 2013, Bruce "Dr. Clean" Myers approached Brand Shouter to help with his site ranking online. His current site was "falling apart" and needed a lot of work to bring the technologies used into the current year. Instead of having us build him a completely new site, he first asked for us to replicate his existing site while upgrading the technology used and fixing the various problems. We happily obliged and built him an almost exact duplicate of his old site on a modern, updated WordPress framework. We cleaned up his search optimization during this process as well.

After that initial build, Bruce had us take over his online advertising budget and continued to grow his spend with Brand Shouter. Through our work there, we proved to Bruce that we could handle his online growth needs. Bruce signed a retainer contract with us that gave us more of a free roll on the internet to work and grow his business. We rebuilt his website in order to reflect his modern approach to garnering more business and helped him come up with content throughout the site to grab and convert visitors.
When I hired Brand Shouter, about 2 years ago, our website was in need of a renovation. Over the last 2 years we went from an ordinary site to an extraordinary site. The look and graphics are extraordinary and they perfected the flow for our clients to navigate the site.
Bruce Myers, Dr. Clean Home Care
Bruce Myers
"Dr. Clean"

Dr Clean Portfolio: Web Design

Dr. Clean Tucson Web Design Team
In our relationship with Dr. Clean Home Care based in Tucson Arizona, we've built two websites and made one major revision to the latest site. The design of this latest site serves both to modernize and make the site easier to navigate.

More importantly, however, the design is built for conversion. We catered the look to Bruce's target demographic and used big, beautiful images to show his target what they wanted to see their own home look like.

Dr Clean Portfolio: Google Adwords

Dr. Clean Tucson Advertising Agency
After building the first version of Bruce's site, we slowly started testing the advertising market with his messaging and branding. We started with a tiny budget of only $300/mo. and grew it to $1000/mo. in ad spend.

We then learned the best areas to target and the best times to target those areas. We installed call tracking on his site and could pin-point the keyword used to find his site and convert to a client.

Dr Clean Portfolio: G Suite Email

For years, Bruce had used a Cox account to run his business. He recognized the need for a branded email account and asked us to help with that. We set him up with a single user account through G Suite and created his master email account. He migrated to using Google as his main email provider for his business and we manage it for him.
Stanwood, WA - Google G Suite Unlimited Reseller

Dr Clean Portfolio: Email Marketing

Email Services - Brand Shouter, Stanwood Washington
After we rebuilt Bruce's site, we built an email template to match his design. We then added email collection integration into the site in order to capture potential future clients.  We developed email campaigns with Bruce to market to these clients.

Dr Clean Portfolio: Content Creation

Bruce knows his business. Bruce is a cleaning expert and knows the best things to do and the worst things to do to your flooring or hard surface. The problem was - Bruce wasn't a writer. It can be hard for experts to write about what they know sometimes.

Brand Shouter to the rescue! Using our team of content writers, we built custom content for his site and created an educational portal for his visitors.
Custom Content Writing by Brand Shouter

Dr Clean Portfolio: Print Marketing

Dr Clean Printed Pamphlets
Bruce joins the SAHBA home show in Tucson, Arizona every year in an effort to get his brand out and grow his clientele. Since we were creating lots of great content for him, he wanted something to hand out to visitors to his booth. We took his site content and laid it out for easy handout to potential clients.