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Handiwork Marketing

"For we are God's Handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." ~ Ephesians 2:10
Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Marketing - Washington State
Through our work with Hands of Hope Tucson, Brand Shouter made the decision to create a separate brand that focuses on the needs of life supporting organizations. Handiwork Marketing offers all of the same services as Brand Shouter but is focused exclusively on supporting these organizations and maximizing their effectiveness.

Using a mixture of Facebook Advertising, strong branding, logo design, and other marketing techniques, we built the brand from nothing into a market competing company in about 2 months. As of this writing, there is still a lot to be done - but we've fast-tracked this business to become an industry pick as quickly as possible.

Handiwork Marketing: Branding

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Handiwork Marketing - PRC and CPC Marketing and Branding Services
Starting from the beginning as we would for any client, we created branding and color guidelines. We defined our niche, picked a color palette of compatible colors with our goals and missions, and came up with a pointed tagline that told the story of who we were in one fast sentence. As a Bible-based focus, we also chose a focus verse which spawned the name of the company as well as the website URL.

Handiwork Marketing: "Swag"

Handiwork Marketing - Print Marketing
After establishing our branding guidelines and logo design, we wanted to create marketing pieces that we could hand to our clients that would showcase our branding, colors, and logo. We needed them to be memorable yet clean and minimalistic.

After a lot of searching and comparisons, we landed with our friends at Vice Versa Print Shop. Corbin laid out a beautiful letterpress business card for us as well as a notebook and small bag to complete the package. We found a pen to match and ordered 3" round magnets to add to the collection.

Website Development & Design

While Handiwork Marketing is our own project, building the website wasn't as straightforward as one might think. We spent hours researching pregnancy centers, learning various messaging, and chatting with Directors from around the nation. We researched our competition and saw what they were doing that we liked and learned what to avoid. was created with a mostly female audience in mind while still having an appeal to a masculine visitor. While PRC's and CPC's focus on a female audience, many of them have male leadership and workers. We needed to show that we understood the audience while not alienating our potential clientele.
Handiwork Marketing - Pro-Life Marketing Company

Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Handiwork Marketing - Facebook Advertising
Applying our branding and marketing standards, we built our new Facebook page. Building a content schedule we filled our page up with relevant posts to the pro-life movement as well as to marketing in general. Organically, we received a few likes to jump start the page.

Not being satisfied with a few likes, we invested a very small amount into promoting our page to like-minded individuals with a hope that they are connected to decision makers around the nation. Within a month, we grew to just over 650 followers on Facebook at a net cost of 23 cents per follower! What's more, we got in front of the decision makers we were hoping to.