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Jaguar Precision Machine

Jaguar Precision Machine is a precision prototype machining facility located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Jaguar Precision Machine was started in 1990 and never created an online presence for their business. We were contacted by to design a logo and a modern machining website to lend credibility to the company. After a few iterations and receiving feedback from JaguarPM, the logo above was selected and JaguarPM was incredibly happy with the process.We then set about designing a website for their machine shop.  Drawing upon examples of sites that they liked, we were able to take the best features of each and work in a modern flare to create the new Jaguar Precision Machine website. We currently maintain the site, keep it secured, and optimize it for speedy loading.

Manufacturing Website Design

Jaguar Precision Machine wanted a professional site that reflected that they were a high-end metal machining and manufacturing company. When they approached Brand Shouter, they trusted us to deliver on that desire.

We researched their competitors and built a pro/con list for each of their approaches to a website. We then worked with Jaguar Precision Machine to ensure we met all of their desires and needs. The resulting website was clean, professional, and - most importantly - reflected exactly what JaguarPM was looking for.
Jaguar Precision Machine - Web Design Company

Google G Suite for Business

Stanwood, WA - Google G Suite Unlimited Reseller
To complete the full online package for Jaguar Precision Machine, we set them up with email addresses for all of their managers and employees through Google G Suite. We then showed them how to take advantage of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more. These tools revolutionized the way JaguarPM ran their business and quickly helped to usher them into a modern era with their business.

Professional Logo Design

One of the key components to the new website and new brand initiatives at Jaguar Precision Machine was the logo that would headline the project. Jaguar had a logo but it was overly complicated and didn't translate well digitally or in print.

We worked with Jaguar to get the exact logo they were looking for. They were overjoyed with the result.
Camano Island Logo Design - Jaguar Precision Machine