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Kris McCoskery

Washington Wedding, Corporate, and Party DJ
Seattle DJ, Kris McCoskery approached us to host his website as his previous company was closing. We moved his site to our server and realized that it was already compromised and sending spam email. We took steps to close the security hole and contacted Kris to see if he wanted us to take over the management of the site. He was grateful we stopped the problem and happily agreed to have us manage the site for him.

We immediately went about securing and optimizing his site for speed and functionality. We realized that the WordPress theme his site was built on wasn't updated and had serious security flaws. He also wanted a new look for his site so we worked with him to build a site that would best portray who he is and the kinds of work he does. We continue to manage his site and ensure that it is optimized and secured.

Responsive Web Design

DJ Kris McCoskery Web Design
As a DJ on the go, Kris needed his website to reflect that mobility. While we always take a mobile-first approach to websites, we took it a step further with Kris' site. was built to a mobile screen in its entirety. After finalizing the build, we then adapted it to look great on normal sized laptops and desktops as well as large screen computers and televisions. This was truly a "mobile first" website build.

Google's G Suite

In order to help him access all of his files on the go, we set Kris up with a Google G Suite account. This gave him secure, instant access to his email wherever he was. He also received the benefits of Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and more. He also gained the ability to have a complete cloud based calendaring system at his fingertips.
Stanwood, WA - Google G Suite Unlimited Reseller