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Matthew Land Studios

Seattle Wedding Photographer
Matthew Land Studios Web Developer
Matthew Land (based in Seattle, Washington) is a seasoned destination wedding photographer, having photographed couples in England, Germany, Chile, Australia, Mexico and more. When he approached Brand Shouter, his website had a dated appearance and included many outdated technologies laden with security holes. He wanted to keep a minimal, beautiful look but wanted the site and technology to be modern. As a photographer, displaying images that are hi-resolution are paramount regardless of the size of the file.

Even with large image sizes, the site needed to load quickly so his visitors would stay captivated by his photos. This presented a challenge - one that we happily took on.Brand Shouter built his site exactly to his specifications. We worked alongside Matt to ensure the look he got was the look he wanted. We optimized his site and used every technology we could find to ensure his loading time was ridiculously fast for a photo heavy website. We used caching, image optimization technologies, and AJAX to keep his speeds optimal. We also secured his site against attackers and continue to maintain it.

Search Engine Optimization

Matt's next goal was to start increasing his ranking in internet searches. While we specialize in search engine ranking, we had our work cut out for us on such an image heavy/text light site.

Working with Matt we optimized all of the images on his site. We conformed most of the site's functions to Google's Page Speed standards. We also helped him add text content throughout (where appropriate). Finally, we built an "Instagram Portfolio" page to give him the ability to add more text and also create a strong link from his site to Instagram.
Matthew Land Studios - Search Optimization

Photography Focused Website

Matt approached us years ago with a request to modernize his website. His previous site was running on outdated technology and he didn't feel it properly reflected his branding and image. We sat down with Matt and listened to what he was looking for on his site. As a professional wedding photographer - images were EVERYTHING to him. They had to look crisp, even at a large size.

This presented a challenge for our team: How do we take many large images and make them load quickly for the end user without killing the quality of the photo to reduce load time. Through a mixture of premium services we use and some great java-scripting, we were able to deliver a gorgeous site that loaded quickly and showcased his amazing photography.
Matthew Land Studios Web Design Company

G Suite Unlimited - Google Drive

As a photographer, Matt was constantly filling up hard drives, duplicating those drives and storing them in order to keep backups available in case he ever needed them. His "disaster recovery" process included multiple copies of the same physical drive.

We assessed Matt's needs and recommended he purchase 5 G Suite Unlimited accounts. Each account comes with 1TB of cloud storage but once you purchase 5 accounts, Google gives the owner unlimited online storage. The storage was not only disaster safe, it give him easy ways to send links to photos to his clients and vastly improved his processes saving him time and, ultimately, money.
G Suite - Google Drive - Reseller Mobile

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