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Conversion Optimization

When your current marketing isn't bringing the leads and conversions you desire, Brand Shouter comes to the rescue.
Brand Shouter wants to be at the forefront of your marketing efforts, but sometimes clients have already invested a lot of time and money into their current marketing efforts and are unhappy with the results. In these scenarios, clients may be wary of paying for a full strategy remake. Instead they want their current investment to work.

Brand Shouter will audit your existing marketing venues and campaigns for effectiveness and success.  Next, we'll come up with a plan to increase the effectiveness of what you're already doing - including removing venues that aren't worth your time and adding venues we feel can benefit your business.
current marketing audit

Current Marketing Audit

In this phase, we take the time to pour over all of your current marketing efforts (no matter how big or small). We then look at the existing measurements and compare the dollars spent against the estimated income of the campaigns. It's pretty straightforward.

Keep/Cut/Add Suggestions

Is this marketing venue costing money? Cut it.
Is this advertisement bringing in revenue? Keep it.
You could be enjoying success with this campaign. Let's add it!

It's pretty simple, right? What's important is having a skilled marketing group helping your team make the right decisions.
return on investment measurement
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