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Marketing Design Trends for 2019

Marketing Design Trends for 2019

Most businesses lag a couple years behind the latest marketing design trends with only the fast moving, most agile brands keeping a consistently fresh look. It does seem that, with every year however, there is an updated style your marketing might want to adapt to. While the largest determinant of design is your brand, it’s […]
interview with matthew land studios

Interview with Matt Land of Matthew Land Studios

 Matthew Land’s Bio: Matthew lives north of Seattle with his wife, Erin. While spending three years in Mexico volunteering on humanitarian projects, he began exploring documentary photography, and focused his skills on high-end weddings after returning to the Pacific Northwest. He still enjoys traveling and working with NGO’s during the wedding off-season. When Matthew […]
You Need A Digital Marketing Agency On Retainer

You Need A Digital Marketing Agency On Retainer

A New Set Of Experienced Eyes Is All That Stands Between Success And Failure Hiring outside help to grow can be a tough pill to swallow. That very hesitancy, however, could be completely killing your growth potential. Here are a few reasons why a business that is successful needs a digital marketing agency for growth: 1. […]
interview with tj fittis camano island coffee

Interview with TJ Fittis of Camano Island Coffee Roasters

TJ’s Bio from LinkedIn: Most people have never REALLY tasted coffee before — that’s why I work at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. My mission is to share delicious, fresh-roasted coffee with those afflicted by burnt, stale coffee. It’s been a fun journey at Camano Island Coffee Roasters. I started with the company in 2011 and […]
Google Drive for Professional Photographers

Google’s G Suite: A Professional Photographer’s Dream

Photographers all face the same set of issues in their profession. If you are a photographer and have any of the following questions, keep reading this post, as I’m sure you’ll love the answers that follow. What’s the best way to store my photos? What’s the most secure way to share photos with a client? […]
Web Design is Dead - Now What?

Web Design is Dead. Now What?

Just like the best of technology, the internet hasn’t stood still… Building websites is now a commodity that often goes to the lowest bidder. Chances are, if you build web sites for clients for a living, you aren’t getting their business because of your talents. Actually, there are very few web design firms that exist […]
WordPress Hosting with a CloudFlare Optimized Partner

How CloudFlare Increases Speed & Security

Increasing Speed & Security This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare.  CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants. CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with Brand Shouter! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our value […]
Premium Managed WordPress Hosting and Marketing

WordPress: Page/Post Content Cut off at HTML Entity

Page or Post Content Cut: Recently we ran into a really big problem with a client of ours.  Shortly after migrating them from their old host to one of our Solid State VPS servers, we were alerted to an issue they were having: whenever they would click “update” or “publish” on their WordPress post or […]
Seattle Washington Wedding Photographer - Matthew Land Studios

Matthew Land Studios • Case Study

Matthew Land Studios is now 5x faster! Matthew Land Studios, a top Seattle wedding photographer, first approached us for consulting on how to speed up his site.  His main page had full-size, beautiful images from weddings that he was hired for.  The internet is unforgiving to photographers and people who use large images.  Images can be quite large and […]
How Fast Is Your Website

Is Your Website Faster Than 2 Seconds?

Is your website faster than 2 seconds? If you have ever wondered if your website is too slow. The answer is, “YES!” The faster your site loads, the better the user experience. Research has shown that if a webpage takes longer than 4 seconds to load, people will leave. We’ve set the bar even higher […]